Our Brands and Collections

MOSHNA jewellery

The premium MOHNA jewellery ranges combine strength and traditional craftsmanship along with modern design. They are designed specifically to be suitable for any occasion from special events to everyday wear

Jewellery by Luciano Frantini

Luciano Frantini silver jewellery has been created into themed ranges that reflect and are inspired by the world around us.

Jungle Pinkee

Jungle Pinkee jewellery is designed with children in mind, whether they are little rebels, full of life and energy or fairytale princesses going to the ball.


Quality materials

Did you know that MOSHNA produces all of our jewellery with the highest quality materials? Our silver jewellery is of the highest purity 925/1000.

Health Information

Silver jewellery from MOSHNA is antibacterial and allergic neutral. MOSHNA Silver jewellery does not contain unwanted impurities such as nickel or cadmium.


Do you know that after registering the MOSHNA silver jewellery you get an extended warranty and other benefits?