The mythology of the old Vikings Sagas has long captivated the hearts of Men. It harks back to a time of courage, strength, the need for adventure and respect for the old gods. The MOSHNA viking collection embodies all those values and brings the design and symbolism of the old Vikings to the present day.

Odin, Thor, Asgard, the Valkyries, Valhalla. All these names conjure up images of a forgotten time and whether you believe the sagas or not there is no escaping the strength and symbolism embodied in those names that endures, even today.

The MOSHNA Viking collection, as with all our jewellery, is created with quality in mind. Handmade by MOSHNA’s skilled Czech jewelers utilising the highest levels of craftsmanship and using only the best quality 925/100 silver. Enjoy something of extraordinary design, symbolism and beauty.

Vikingská kolekce

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