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The tradition of silver mining in the Czech Republic is one of the oldest in Europe. During the Middle Ages silver was mined widely across the Czech lands (Bohemia), giving rise to numerous silver mining settlements in places such as Jihlava, Kutná Hora, Jáchymov, Rudolfov, Příbram and Ratibořské Hory.
The earliest traces of silver production found in Bohemia date back to the 10th century. At that time Bohemia had, for many centuries, been a crossroads for long-distance trade, notably the Golden Path, a medieval European trade route.

Silver dinars have been discovered which date as far back as 982–995 in a settlement originally named Malín, which is now a part of town of Kutná Hora.
The MOSHNA brand is a make of Czech jewellery with a long tradition of skilled jewellery making, craftsmanship and quality. The brand combines practical, traditional and modern designs.

MOSHNA jewellery is designed for adults and children who wish to enjoy beautifully crafted jewellery. Whether it be for everyday use or for special occasions our exquisite ranges of jewellery will transform any situation into something extraordinary.
When creating our silver jewellery, we draw on the traditional skills of our Czech craftsman, a tradition which spans more than 25 years. We have combined those traditional skills with modern manufacturing technologies, which allows us to offer amazing possibilities, giving our jewellery completely new designs while offering great value.

The main emphasis is on the quality of our jewellery. We only use the best materials and anti-allergic surface treatments without any undesirable ingredients.
We own the MOSHNA, Luciano Frantini, and Jungle Pinkee Children's jewellery brands. All products within our brands carry the MOSHNA Brand logo, which is synonymous with the highest quality and commitment to our customers.


Quality materials

Did you know that MOSHNA produces all of our jewellery with the highest quality materials? Our silver jewellery is of the highest purity 925/1000.

Health Information

MOSHNA Silver jewellery is antibacterial and allergic neutral. MOSHNA Silver jewellery does not contain unwanted impurities such as nickel or cadmium.


Do you know that after registering your MOSHNA silver jewellery you get an extended warranty and other extra benefits?